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Jon Erikson, swimmer extraordinary, and his family:


Above, Jon in early action

Right: Jon, Trent , Debby, and Blake

Jon Family

Jon Erikson's swim career began in the Chicago Park District's Ridge Park program at age 5. He rapidly progressed, by following his father's wake in entering the marathon swimming world with the following history:
















Two English Channel attempts at the age of 13

At age 14, youngest boy to swim English Channel, 11 hr 22 min on August 11

Record 37-mile Lake Michigan, Chicago-Michigan City, on August 21 in 25 hr 22 min, (12 hr. under dad's swim 10 years earlier) and in reverse on July 4, 1980 in a fantastic time of 19 hr. 11min.

.World record English Channel double on August 13-15 (E-F-E) in 30 hr, 3 min
again under father's mark 10 years earlier.

Inaugural crossing Grand Anse to Paspebiac (Canada's Chaleur Bay), 14 miles of 53 F water in 8 hr 46 min.

Double crossing of Chaleur Bay, ~30 miles on August 13 in 16 hr 4 min.

31 professional marathons, including:
Lac St. Jean (Canada) 25-mile crossing; 7 times
La Tuque (Canada) 24 hour team-oft-two relay, 5 times
Mar del Plata (Argentina) 25-mile marathon 2 times
Sante Fe-Corondo (Argentina) 40-mile river marathon2 times
Guaymas (Mexico) 42-mile marathon
Marathon du Saguenay (Canada) 28-mile marathon, 2 times
Hamilton (Canada) Lake Ontario 10-miler
Laval (Canada) Lake Ontario 10-miler
Chicago (USA) Festival Lake Michigan 10-miler, 4 times
Chibougama (Canada) 16-mile river swim, 2 times
Paspebiac (Canada) 14-mile Bay Chaleur crossing, 3 times
Pepsi-Challenge Lake Ontario crossing of 32miles.

Eleven crossings of the English Channel (4 single, 2 doubles, and a
swim retirement finale
First ever World Record Triple crossing in 38 hr 27 min. (Below)

Jon Triple


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