Spring, 2005


A SWIMARIUM(c) is conceived to focus local, national, and international attention on an open water swimming mandate, "...And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters..." (Genesis 1.2). .

This idea by SdogV in the fall of 2003 rose to the surface by the death of Diane Richards on Friday the 13th, 2004. It is in her memory, contribution, and subsidy that I initiate this venture, hoping to incite design help, investor and commercial money interests for its completion.

It requires conceptual artwork drawings and a scaled visual physical model of the following: A floating pool, about 100 yd (or meter) long by 20-25 yd (or meter) wide by 3-5 ft deep that is open at both ends to the open waters of a lake or ocean. The long dimension would have a yard or so deck space, a foot above the water level. Linking this structure to a deck barge (available through Marcon International, Inc. at ~$1.5 million) of similar dimensions on either side makes a stable platform for swimmer, visitor, and spectator amenities such as partial covering for inclement weather, grandstand, projection booth, bar, refreshment stand, washrooms, etc. that other sporting events provide. Docking privileges on one side for regular shuttle service can be provided. (by local yacht clubs or..) . Appropriate fee structures establish the economics to maintain a permanent presence in open waters. Tugboats can provide positional changes to various locales as needed.

Submitted by Ted Erikson*

*IIT graduate (BS ChE, '52 and MS Chem, '59), IITRI Senior Chemist ('52-74), and Hammond H.S. teacher (Chem/Physics/Math, '74-'89). 3-time across Lake Michigan, double English Channel, and marathon swimmer of note (the '60's), father of Jon Erikson who surpassed my records (the '80's), and owner of Umbra, a canine swim record holder (the '90s), Now semi-retired at age 77 making video stories of mostly swimming history.

Aquatic Event Videographer (AEV)NOW MAKING DVDs!

Since 1997, Ted Erikson and Diane Richards of Swimming Dog Video productions (SdogV) have made videos. The goal was a Beyond the Pool (c) series that made open water swimming more visible for anyone who has ever been exposed to water (which is everyone). Water's charisma is inevitable: we're conceived in it, and we"re sustained by it throughout life even without going beyond the pool.

Motivated by intensive exposure to National Geographic Explorer's production of Wonder Dog (the only dog to swim from Asia to Europe), SdogV's launch intends to share a collective 50-year swim background of the Eriksons (father, son, and dog) with open water swimming afficiondos..

SdogV's video archives of Lake Michigan swimming is the only complete coverage of Chicago's 2002 shoreline swim. It has been incorporated into a 60-minute DVD (or VHS) archive that includes many other over-looked and "just for fun" aquatic events.

As with any sport, to attract public interests, swimmers, teams, and sponsors need more exposure. Whether a solo marathon, race competition, team relay effort, or any other water activity, no one will be interested unless more people know about it. As an Aquatic Event Videographer (AEV) , this is SdogV's main objective. We wag tales. Please Contact SdogV to receive one of ours FREE in return for donations, payable to D.R.M.S., or to have us record one of yours.(We'll even go underwater for you)

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