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INTRODUCING (Started 8/27/03!) "Blog" history of SdogV: particularly the ill-fated 2003 Farallon project amd Diane's 2004 death. (most recent items first), What have you is invited. To contribute click here (or e-mail

8/20/08, 3:15 P.M. One year anniversary

12/7/07, 11:40 A.M.Frustration..


8/20/07, ~10:A.M.te

8/12/07, Evening. te
The Turkish "balayi" was a reasonable success. My 3rd swim across the Bosporous got a tropohy cup as the oldest (79). However, upon return relationship dfaulted,

6/14/07, 1:00 P.M. te
Femoral aneurysm appears to be OK after stent operation at UofC Hospital.(Doc Tina Desai) . 1/23/07 11:00 A.M. te
Things looking up for 2007. Senior and Master swimming events, survived 1/1/07 Lake dip, and established a new and interesting relationship .Hallelulah!

10/26/06 11:00 A.M. te
Inasmuch as there is no response to date and I am missing Diane and Umbra, with age slowing me down, D.R.M.S. cancels its stipend for Shoreline and Farallon participants. SdogV will be happy to officially observe under ISHOF rules, anyones attempt at these events.

1/17/06 4 P.M.te
A trying end of year with Umbra failing at ~ 15 years old. Showing obvious pain, she was euthanized and cremated, her ashes placed in a brass urn next to Dianes

7/29/05 11:00 A.M. te
Just returned from my 60th high school reuion in Big Sandy, Montana...3236 mi @ ~13 mpg in my 1990 Chec Mini AstroVan ($473 for gas!). In addition to the Homecoming with Parade, Banquet, Museum, and Senior Citizen Center "doings", I conducted a prarie and old ranch expedition with nephew Dante from Canada and niece Marie from California. A good time was had by all. Video editing on 2005 taping is in progress to complete the Montana Album...Memories

4/27/05 11:00 A.M. te
A year has passed and still miss Diane. But life goes on... SdogV D.R.M.S. LLC was formed in June 2004. I have now reconstructed SdogV/s web site, including the D.R.M.S. arm.

3/6/04, 11:10 a.m., te
DRMS Update:
Diane Richards died on Friday the 13th of February. In fitful sleep that night. I heard her words, "The water will talk to you....", several times. ("Water talk" is a peculiar surreal experience from solo swimming).
DRMS (Diane Richards Memorial Swim(s)) intends to perpetuate her memory as a staunch partner in advocating swimming, It is in process of being merged into a LLC (Limited Liability Corporation) as R/E Unltd SdogV DRMS to pursue swim interests of Diane Richards ,Ted Erikson, and others so inclined.

DRMS will award and reward solo swim endeavors while SdogV (Swimming dog Videos) will officially observe and document such aquatic events. Participant and member support is invited (4 so far) to supplant her $10,000 endowment.

R/E Unltd (Research/Education or Richards/Erikson) was formed on the basis of a patent in 1987 to pursue tetrahedral concepts (the power of "4"). This merger aims to pursue four unrealized goals of all those who go Beyond the Pool(c). It will be announced in full detail at Diane's memorial service in the spring.

2/20/04 9:30 A.M., te
A tentative version of what we were last working on together before Diane left me:
SdogV produced a 30-minute video production of and helped an official ISHOF observer to authenticate Britain's Kevin Murphy's first swim of Chicago's 27-mile shoreline swim in 2002. The official time of the swim was 23:31. That time appears to have been surpassed in 2003 by Chicago policeman Nial Funchion in an unofficial time of 14:54. We'd like to see this as an annual Chicago event!
With exclusive rights for videotape coverage, SdogV will provide an official observer to authenticate another swim under ISHOF distance swimming rules and, provided a bona fide attempt is performed (at least half-way), we will compensate the individual in the amount of $500. To avoid City of Chicago complications, an individual must pursue such a shoreline swim on a date of own choosing, arrangement, and expense.
For bettering the official time of 23:31, an award of $2,700 ($100/mile) is suggested from "angels" who are sympathetic to marathon swimming.. This sport deserves it.
Note added today: As an angel for support of marathon swimming, Diane's resources are to be converted to DRMS (for Diane Richards Memorial Swims). Contributions, payable to DRMS can broaden it's scope.

2/15/04; 8 A.M., te
My 76th birthday on 2/17 was not the happiest. being forced to write the following obituary for the Chicago Tribune on 2/16 and 2/17.
Richards, Diane
Diane Richards-Hughes-Erikson, age 68, succumbed at Weiss Memorial Hospital on Feb. 13, 2004 from untreatable respiratory complications over the past 4 years. An avid reader who did crossword puzzles daily (in ink), she was a copy editor, later becoming a registered nurse. Sharing life with Ted Erikson for over 2 decades, she gave energy and hope for more individual swim challenges of Chicago's 27-mile shoreline as part of the Beyond the Pool(c) series. A memorial service is planned. Her ashes (and mine) will be dispersed off Chicago's Promontory Point into Lake Michigan (to welcome such events) A Diane Richards Memorial Swim will be a fitting tribute to her final gasps.
Gory DetailsFrom 1/8 (diagnosed with a paralyzed left vocal cord) to hospitalization on 1/27 (hemoglobin of 5 requiring blood transfusions, a bronchoscopy on 1/28, a lung biospsy surgery on 2/4) with 3 intubations, 2 extubations, and a stomach feeding tube through nose following to 2/13, when while I was talking to her she gave a startled look, turned very red, gasped, and stopped breathing at ~3:30 P.M. Attempts to revive were clearly failing and upon my request to "Let her go!", declared dead @ 3:59 P.M. . Throughout, Diane, a nurse, was quite aware of going ons and made a written record of thoughts, requests, and complaints about hospital treatments. I plan a full and detailed report of doctor failings to consider the possibility of fungal infection (identified in an autopsy 3 days later) while only considering first, cancer, and then TB.

12/31/03. 9:45 P/M., te
As 2003 closes, let us all be reminded of our breaches of etiquette and hope that 2004 enlightens those few who prefer to ignore ignoble acts of ego-bound selves rather than be burdened with a resolution. Happy New Year!

12/25/03 10:50 A.M., te
On this day of giving, know ye all what SdogV has given to the so-called Farallon Team 9/20/03 relay attempt in return for what all (except one) have given back.

12/12/03, 12:02 P.M. te
NO response from Joe Oakes and Gary Emich of the so-called Farallon Team and SERC since 9/20/03. Tsk! Tsk! (shark bait?).

10/13//03 12:10 P.M. te
Nearly one month later SdogV has little evidence of apology or appreciation for strobe gifts and VHS tape copy. Our trip could have been made worthwhile by one member's suggestion (as requested by organizer for an alternative) to "relay to Hogs Island and back".... also ignored. Ah well! But some good news! SdogV's web site is listed as 7th of 14 open water swimming sites on Google's search engine.

9/27/03 2:00 P M te & dr
SdogV Final "deep-sixed" report:
Now home, some forty hours on a 2300-mile road have given this weary and embittered traveler plenty time to review and analyze aspects of the Farallone Relay "attempt."
SdogV has concluded that the waiver to be signed prior to boarding boat was key to its failure. Swimmers may be crazy, but they're not stupid. The organizers were both crazy AND stupid. Possible liability complications due to swimmer risk should have been a first consideration! To sign away all rights would make for a stupid swimmer. Even I (and my ex-wife) made sure insurance was paid up for my solo attempts. Was a special insurance policy to cover any injury or death considered to remove potential liabilities for all necessary to be involved? A "team" effort may have recognized this problem a priori.
The so-called "Farallon Team" appears to be not a team but an unpublicized personal "cowboy" attempt by Joe Oakes and/or Gary Emich, to exploit the adventurous exuberance and ability of a group of dedicated open water and marathon swimmers, as well as one person who envisioned a great documentary story....even without the swim. Here too, they failed by not inviting Dolphin Club and SERC members to an aquatic event video program and encouraging Team Farallon to meet together to pursue courses of action for present and future plans. The opportunity of a potentially interesting video story about "Why Do What We Do?" was missed. (Thanks to Pedro Ordenos, William Dichtel, and Luigi Sharko, the only "team" reps who have communicated and did make some lemonade out of the lemons.) What a shame and what a waste! If anyone disagrees with our analysis, sue us.
Without not even a cup of coffee being offered to the "invited guest," there to render a free video service, anything more is best left unsaid. Finally, the four agreed upon statements prior to swim are in default, particularly statement "C."
As Diane wrote in a recent e-mail to those involved, "burned bridges lead to nowhere," so let bygones be bygones. However, should any future Farallone swim be planned that wishes SdogV's vision for a video documentary, please be advised that all SdogV expenses for this past fiasco must first be paid in advance.

8/19/03 10:00 A.M. te
Correction to the entry of 8/17, taken as an insult by some. I apologize if it is taken that way. Giving up is an excuse (apparently the boat captain and insufficient pre-planning) and doesn't imply cowardly. But it was sent in haste and frustration. Consider my situation as an invited guest given no instructions as to accomodating my presence..not an acceptable practice for hosts. I am sorry, but to date, I am still left hanging and a tired retired frustrated old man in a wasted trip. One member suggested making lemonade from these lemons. I am all ears.

8/17/03 3:30 AM te
After driving over 2000 miles through six states and arriving in Reno, Nevada Ted checks his e-mail to find out that TEAM FARALLON gives up on a Farallon to Golden Gate swim attempt. Giver uppers can not make the swim! All they needed was a reason to not start....and they appear to have found one.

9/13/03 9:00 PM dr
In roughly 12 hours, Ted begins driving from Chicago to San Francisco planning arrival early Thursday. He is looking forward to meeting the Team Farallon and documenting this venture on video. He would like to see more pre-swim publicity and suggests inviting media and public interested for a half-hour show by SdogV at say 7:30 P.M. to promote more interest in such undertakings. Who knows of the dozens of professional and English Channel swims?


9/12/03 10:30 A.M. te
The pre-swim planning meeting will take place at the BAY CLUB, MARIN, at 6 pm on Friday evening, September 19, SHARP. The first item on the agenda will be an orientation for the swim. It is very important that everyone involved be there. Ted Erikson will show a short SdogV video on the 1968 Farallon solo and a video tape session after the orientation. Very important for ~5 second "sound bites". Prepare your ~ 1 minute statements!

9/7/03 3:30 PM dr
Slide Picture listing result from 36 Years Ago

1967 Farallon Swim

9/6/03 4:45 PM te
Slide Picture showing project status at this date

Team Farallon

9/5/03, 3:30 A.M. te
Slide picture introducing TEAM FARALLON expected to be placed here this weekend. A quick and dirty video edit of a 1967 film of the last crossing from the Islands to the Bridge is near completion (~5-minutes).

9/2/03, 10 PM dr
Some background from Norman Melnick's August 20, 1967 issue of the Chicago Tribune Magazine article with a brief history of Farallon attempts and the following list of the contenders at that time:
Leonore Modell, a 17-year-old (English Channel at age 14 and 66 miles in California's Lake Natoma), lasted 16 l/2 hours, 5 miles short.
Ike Papke, 41 (Santa Catalina Island swim), made it to l-l/8 mile from the beach.
Touric Bleik, 38, a burly Lebanese, who once swam the English Channel twice in the same week, was pulled after 6 hours.
Paul Herron, Channel swimmer and Modell's coach, almost drowned when he refused to function after 6 hours.
Jose Cortinas, a noted endurance swimmer (Strait of Gibraltar) covered 6 miles before leg cramps forced him to quit.
Myra Thompson, (Juan de Fuca Strait) after 18 hours, covered only 1/2 mile in the last 4 hours.
Ted Erikson, 39, (Lake Michigan and double crossing Channel swimmer) succumbed to extreme hypothermia after 17 hours, 2 miles from Bridge. Actually pronounced dead.
Then there are Florence Chadwick, of numerous Channel crossings, who took a "practice swim" and never returned; the unnamed church organist who lasted one minute more than her age of 48; and the (also unnamed) radio announcer who lasted 45 seconds. In his article, Melnick described the area as "the coldest, windiest, bleakest, nastiest spot in the American Pacific, and no swimmer has yet conquered it." That is no longer true. So, Farralone Team, take note, grease up, try to stay warm some.and avoid them sharks. In other words, relax and enjoy yourselves. Ha!

9/1/03. 10 AM te
Ted Moffett's ~30-min. film of the 1967 Farallon Swim, converted to a VHS video archive, now has been formatted to Mini-DV and logged for a video "short". It stirs painful memories of the my two previous attempts where sharks, cold water, engine failures, adverse tides, confusion, and hypothermia contributed failures.

9/1/03, 1:30 AM, te
It is now on SdogV's schedule. Digging through the closet found an archival log. recording a dozen parties directly involved in the successful solo swim from the Farallon Island through frigid shark infested waters to the Golden Gate Bridge on September 16, 1967 in 14 hours and 38 minutes. They are:
David Kinley, Captain of the Evie-K
Paul Girard, Handler/Observer
Doug Lathrop, Swim Navigator
Frank Drum, Observer/Handler
Ted Moffett, Film Photographer
Jerry Thompson, Newsman from KFSO
John Parent, Pacer
Duncan McCleod, Pacer
Hank Schram, Captain of the Salmon Queen
Col. Stewart Evans, Pacer (first swimmer from Island to Stinson Beach)
David Kinley, Jr., son of the Captain
Ted Erikson, Swimmer
After 36 years, contact is lost. Please contact SdogV if you know present whereabouts of anyone connected with any Farallon swim of the past. (to supply background for the video documentary of The Farallone Team relay venture.)

8/29/03, 9PM, te
SdogV now considers a video documentary of THE FARALLONE TEAM who have planned a relay attempt from the Farallon Island to the Golden Gate on September 20, 2003 to benefit a marine conservancy.

8/27/03. te
A 2003 27-mile Chicago Shoreline "Beat the Brit"(c) UNOFFICAL swim was accomplished by Nial Funchion on August 24-25 in 14 hours 49 minutes 58 seconds as reported by the Southtown staff writer Alice Hohl. A video documentary story of this man's trials and tribulations (before, during, and after the swim) was to have been an addition to ISHOF archives as a truly inspirational achievement by one person and a potential catalyst for more public and commercial interest in open water and marathon swimming. It is with great sadness that SdogV's goal toward this end was deep-sixed by the swimmer and handler. Any "Top the Cop"(c) swimmer for 2004 (or in the future) is encouraged to contact SdogV for the series on Chicago Shoreline swims. By the way, for details of the 2002 SdogV's inaguaral shoreline swim by Britain's Kevin Murphy
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