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For Sale page:Condo apt. and misc. stuff
Swim promo: Turkey's Bosporous 2010?
SCRIBD: Thermo, Panpsychism, R&D
Chapter: Phil.Evol'n, (Book, Sept,'10)

2002 Chicago Shoreline swim. Details
Diary: Fiascos, '02, Farallon, misc..
Marathons 2005: FINA Open Water
English Channel site: Proving ground
Diane hospital story: Hospital screwups
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3-Generation family swim inTurkey?, 2011

In memory of Diane Richards and Umbra donors are listed here. You
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Friends of Diane:

Jon and Debra ERIKSON, Pam and Kevin PERKINS, Michael and Betty PAESLER, John and Suzanne MOEN, Jim and Elaine VAN PROYEN, Suzanne ERFUTH, Anthony C. LARWETH, Dale and Isabel PETRANECH, Rosemary GEORGE/Mansour BADAWI, Donald SIMMONS, Jim CALLAHAN, Judy TORKELSON, Jack RUSNAK, BEST BUY (Keenan), The Mudcats Dixieland Jazz band, AAAA Auto Care, Inc., Woodlawn Tap, CMI, Inc, Attorney Robert C. MORTON, Frank MADEKA, and .....

Red Globe Blinker

Beyond The Pool

is for Diane and Umbra lives on in UMBRA, THE LAST SWIM
Play Movie (~ 60 minutes)
0: Umbra Dogmentry, her life and verve (~18 min.)
1: Pre Last Swim, Flight to Canakkale and preparations(~8 min.)
2: The Last Swim, unpublished '97 Dardanelle swim with interview by Dixie Dean(~19 min.)
3: Her Last Days, five hospitl/vet visits(~ 6 min.)
4: Her Last Hours, killed and burned (~ 9 min.).
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.A Swimming Dog....Umbra in Water..Video Production©2004.

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The Black Dog
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